Had a wonderful time

On my pre-date date with the guy I’m seeing!! Guys I’m over the moon happy about this. I was CONVINCED I was going to die alone because of my issues but I am so glad I was brave enough to come out of my shell and take a chance. I get along with him so well, we have very similar humor and we talk and joke around so easily. I don’t feel scared or nervous with him at all. He doesn’t try anything funny we just hang out and have a really nice time all the time. We’ve been texting nonstop for several days and he’s wanted to hang out practically every day this week though I haven’t been able to :joy:

I just feel so happy and warm. To anyone who feels hopeless in the relationship area right now you never know when someone is going to come your way!! This was completely unexpected for me!! I hope we do end up official soon honestly. I’ll let you guys know if that’s the case :slight_smile:

summary: I am so happy with this guy, we’ve been texting and hanging out constantly and just get along so well, I am so grateful to my friend for setting me up and glad I worked up the bravery to go for it. Also even though our first solo hangout I didn’t feel much chemistry I’m glad you all said to stick with it because I have no regrets now! Hang in there others who have felt they’ll be single forever because you never know when someone will come your way!


Thank you for encouragement :slight_smile: I’m glad dating is going good for you :smiley:

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Sounds dreamy, I’m glad for you.

Hope he will be nice to you all the time. People who come through HELL of psychosis deserve somebody warm and non-scary, as you say. I know it sounds naive maybe, but i strongly believe that closer we get to love and care, that far we will be from outbreaks.
Please don’t deny, dispute, call into question, contradict, refute, rebut, discredit, disclaim, reject, repudiate this for me, please. Thanks.


No what you’re saying is supported by psychology, love and support is vastly helpful for those with any kind of mental illness, psychosis or not. A person with mental illness who does not get any warmth or kindness has a much worse prognosis than one who has a network or even just a caring partner to rely on. You are very right :slight_smile:


Damn, this is making me excited. Relationships always make me excited. Good for you girl. Treat him nice.

And thanks for kind words but I’ma die alone, there is no hope for me

I’ll do my best :blush: And also I was literally in that same position with that feeling like just 2 months ago (I’ve posted on here ranting about it a number of times so there is evidence lol) its crazy how suddenly things can change. Never say never!!

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Maybe girls are luckyer then men in this domain.
I knew this girl who I’ve been talking to and the minute I turn her down she finds a boyfriend.

Well I know the guy I’m interested in also has never had a serious relationship and went years without success in finding a girl. So could happen for anyone.

Just because girls can find hookups easier doesn’t mean they can find meaningful relationships with someone who likes them for who they are easier, I think. I think girls have just as hard a time as guys in that domain.

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Well done you. It only takes one decent relationship to cure most of those problems of loneliness and other issues. Just relax and enjoy yourself! As they say it’s better to have lived and tried than not to try at all and so glad your having a good time!

A relationship is a great thing and so glad your having some positive experiences! Keep on keeping on!

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