Been to church and feel bit better today!

wow been to church as part of steps to go back outside

what a funny vicar!!

we were singing fun songs as well as a song i havent heard for 31 years and that was one that my grandma used to sing xx aw it was brilliant

ad i met a few people

they have a drop in on a tuesday so i think what i wil do, if im not tooo anxious next time, i will go to drop in xxx

i feel better today xx


nice that you feel better …

I feel happy when I have been listening to this song … no church today …

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That’s a positive step! Good for you! I hope you continue to go and enjoy it. :heart:


i usually go but i didnt today, havent been feeling that great, the force is not strong in me just now

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I’m glad you were able to go and be refreshed in the presence of God.
I was going to go today, but my toothache
and persistent thoughts kept me up all night, so I overslept. :confused:

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have you got any oil of cloves @Bunny xxxx im sorry about your toothache xx

No, I don’t have any.
It’s okay. I got some anti-biotics and something for pain. I see my dentist on Tuesday.

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