Hackers for real?

Windows defender is really all you need for virus protection these days.

What I understand tends to happen is there is a leak at company A where a list of passwords and accounts gets published. Then this circulates (maybe is charged for?). Then individual hackers try those passwords and account combos on different platforms to get access to your accounts.

Over the last ten years theres been loads of it happening. I normally get some half arsed letter apologising, but its very frustrating when it happens multiple times from the same website. Yahoo seem to be ones that get leaks often from my personal experience.

So far I’m lucky that I havn’t been affected by this I guess.

Google has a system where if it finds your passwords/accounts leaked online, it tells you about it so you can make changes. It recently listed a couple of my accounts from 15 years ago, but luckily those websites are long gone now.


Posted it before but you can check yourself on


I’m no computer expert, but I think that with the right kind of software they can hack almost any computer. I mean, they are constantly having trouble with giant, government computers coming under cyber attack, so our little personal computers are not so hard to hack. People think they are justified in stealing other people’s money, but I would dearly love to see some of those hackers do time in prison. Hey, it’s a tough world. You have to roll with the punches. I think there are computer services that will provide just about unbeatable passwords for you and your computer. You might inquire about that.

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You’re right. It’s not even advanced software they need.
With basic programming skills you can make a keylogger and trick someone into downloading it.

A keylogger is a program that records everything you type, and then they take those logs and comb through them for login info.

A good way to counteract them is to use one of those Password Safe programs where you store your login credentials and just click the icon to have it autofill it.


Sorry. When I first read the title of your thread I thought it said ,”Are Hookers Real?” I thought “What a stupid question!”
@Aziz I think many people get hacked these days. My FB has been

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