Guys today I feel amazing - no delusions - Memantine

Guys today I feel amazing

I’ve been taking Abilify 15 mg since 16 days and memantine 5 mg twice daily since 6 days and today I don’t have any delusions.


For the past two days I didn’t even take L-theanine.

Congratulations, that’s great news!

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Cool, glad things are working out for you

That’s fantastic news @anon93437440. Happy for you, man!

How do you know if you have, or don’t have, delusions?

Usually people can’t tell if they have delusions - thats their nature.


I’m not disagreeing with you, but after 2 1/2 years + on meds I can honestly say I’m delusion free. And I’m pretty certain of it :slight_smile:

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I can usually tell by thinking about some of my common delusions. If I think they’re hilarious, I know I’m thinking clearly.


I’m having delusions but the intensity of delusions is too low. It seems as if delusions are being triggered and if I avoid triggers or if I find myself busy doing something I am completely delusion free. I think the addition of Memantine made a huge difference. Memantine increases my heart rate but I didn’t stop using 5 mg twice daily and eagerly waiting for September 15th 2016 to start Rasagiline. I’m getting few delusions as if it has become a habit and old habits die hard. I’m so happy that I gained consciousness to a small extent.

This is probably very hard for people (who don’t have ALZ) to get in any other country…

Excellent mate. I hate having delusions about people trying to kill me and watching me. I haven’t had delusional thoughts in years. Hope you stay delusion free!

How did you become delusion free ?

Well to me it’s a balancing act. When I come off medication I feel balanced and symptom free. I think abilify got rid of my delusions, well, my delusions went when I stopped abilify. I just feel balanced. My delusions feel like they might be coming back, but they haven’t yet, I hope they never do.