Growing windy on the vine in the temple of time

growing windy on the vine in the temple of time
forest deep learning in the soul of the mind
the tall grey warning from the battles behind
and the mystical influence of calendar wine
for the storm christmas morning there’s a battle inside
got escalatin notions of a fast river ride
strong sweeping torrent, roaring criminal mind,
the long brewing purpose at the center of wine
and the national example proving

there’s zero main balance at the ambulance store
and the sound of an invasion at the start of a war

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Hi, your brilliant! I want to hear more.


not me it’s the demons,
it’s like dr seuss in the demon world.
had this from before:

river of heaven open-topped ferry ride: watching eyes meet dawn surprise, heaven on the ether, lenin on the square;

underwater dream, nightmare beam, failure in the cotton, growers in the green; with a green suspicion the license looks clean, forest books burn in a starbucks dream, one-way - reverse, we beam coffee beans; In the mackintosh sunrise of cool surprises, there’s solemn breeze and there’s monkey-cry mindlessness, there’s gardens of worry and mountains of time, islands of certitude, catacombs of mind, and winding dungeons of “reason”;

in the blessed homes, the kingdom comes to life; (couldn’t cut it with a crystal knife); moral on the fiber, toasted on the wire; rivers swell with justice, lost in sense and time, hollowed out earth for heavenly fluid, freaky pencil climb; I’m gonna do all the dishes then, cause george adores a rhyme;

find the door in the box, break the key without the locks, turn tornado, empty knocks; critically open, certified sane, and endlessly purposed in the soft flowing rain.

open eyes bellow in the bubble machine, character development in a savage salvage dog’s dastardly dream, abandoned liberty on display; quiet in the nursery, cold in the canyon, secret in the mystic civic center tavern,
a river of Onderdonk Way rides up the back of the grand design, pale beyond green, gone beyond seen, lost beyond certain, gift beyond life, grey beyond black, drip beyond dry;

Drink the animal cure, the thick wine that’s over-pure;

the whirlwind learns, the castle comes alive; sit inside and act surprised. the castle of forever has a mindless glow, freight train of understanding completely blocked by the snow;

Frogs on the throne, misty gets the phone: a lonely planet launching timelessness;

Sharp sunlight tunes the signs of the day in the air, motes on the world wide windowsill, miracle cabins of frosty lake obscurity.i see the signs - hope staggers in the breeze, the traffic sings a song about the weather, the forest’s strong sense of smell sweetens the universe, trees born of contentment shake in the breeze, and sun, stapled to the trees and holding on like a feather - the sun brings the drive against fantastic iciclistic defense, turning to the stars for evidence. no trial worth catching no glow worth knowing, but from the tower a sign, a song, a rhyme

From lumbering pines in the altitude divine, we string the cabinet, & cut the cane, and the railroad roars to prove we’re sane; heaven won and night just found out, lighthouse amazed, duck glorified, sea turtle warmed up, dreams captured, icicles tamed, wandering cloned, ending threatened, truce overturned, talisman delivered, hypothesis decayed, and golden consciousness of forever-tune and mind-song arrayed in a rabbit-hop, as the mystical inflation of heaven undergoes time-scented maturity;

The flow from the grove is heavy with the trove, and license is the candle at the finish line;

savior leader passes the master key, the fire straw reservoir is stocked daily,

walking beam of silence in a crowd of disarray, on a golden island flowing cross the river "holiday*;

rocket ships of blueberry pie on a rosemary sky, the jury’s lost and the cabin’s free,

echoes coming from home, breeze forever like a november throne, call the distance, answer the phone, it’s heaven’s dream, all alone;

The dragon’s coat is a mystery boat, in the harsh wonderland of pagan snow

the alchemical alternative to reason: bird the picnic, pancake the wonder; the picture sits still and the lemons dissolve;
a left behind house runs ahead of its master; sanity is just fruit, and i ate it all, nothing’s left; twinkle-doom, bubble smooth;

my plangent pelmatogram lightly painted, the plangent steps go through the tripodal door;

i wear the rustic cap to prove my innocence.

Wonder D on Key

heaven has a microscope for feedin the fine,
the stone angel burnin from the talk of the tide,
power-power-pumpkin tower fallin behind,
an out-of-town-and-frown fiasco callin the mind,
calls for a journey of a primitive kind,
universal plotter missile stolen inside,
and the alabaster crystal caster smothered and fried…