Crossing the bridge into madness

Night blossoms and the pelican hums
with the dance and sway of a riddle,
miraculous tunnel of fervent dark heat;

Electric rays settle on the tops of clouds
and roll around gently and cryptically
as a massive cloud formation beams across the sky.

Scattered drops of water
transmit the night’s energy
straight from the brains of missiles on distant stars.

The powerful distance controls the waves,
beauty siren rising and falling
like a smooth nocturne drifting idly through the weeds,
while a whisper permeates thunder and rides on its back.

A star sinks low, takes its cap off, and lets out its infrastructure.
A mystical fullness replaces greed as the principle of progression;
light and life flow out in abundance, surprise the oncoming trains;

webs laid over tiger trap pits explode,
the legend running right now over boulders and into new territory.

Windows go dark and a boy walks outside into the rain,
repertoire of joy streaming softly in the magnificent storm.

Rectitude stands at the foot of a bridge
that offers welcoming arms across time,
physical impossibilities,
and florid pastures of insight and growth,
not to mention escape from the dark invasion.

Seated on his shoulder is a bird
with quite magical properties of his own,
and someone asks the bird to sing a song,
which goes on to call out
for protection and shelter from the winds.

Microfractures race through the trees in the park, pulse quickens.
(A storm can be a great motivator of things which must begin.)

Concealed in a ball, the living produce themselves,
clusters arranged in a filigree of madness,
a summary of nerves and idle forestation.

On the green sand a tiger bites his tongue,
wishing and waiting,
and cracks creep across the windowpane,
searching for the center,
listening to be called home by the central choir.

Forested opposites married in the darkness,
the main rainstorm runs along,
lightning chambers a hollow duct
for some of the most wizardly and manic questions
from the exploding sun.

Flocks of elves percolate to the surface.
They line up, irrepressible in the soup,
and a collective “wow” comes over them;

Shrimp float in the sky,
hiding from the salmon that leap up after them;
the frog says ‘leaps are wealth’;

a turtle emerges from a brick, ready to turn his head to one side,
concrete happiness nailed to the door
and waving this way in the wind.

A woodpecker wearing a cape
hits just the right spot, and steps back,
as a storehouse of treasure opens for all the world.

Long-flowing-haired horses gallop across the night
with a single song in their hearts.

Far-off conclusions grow ripe on the branch
that tunnels through the ambient medium,
and a passing bell reminds beings of their endless curiosity,
window into the indeterminate supershow.

Confusion orbits in rings at every inclination,
which are held away from the central character
by the power of an irrational song.

Missiles faint at the sight of a launch,
overcome by atmospheres set in motion by massive pairing,
source of meaning, distinctive moment of relation,
and a world that in retrospect had been made out of darkness
transfigures into a world made of light.

Perched on a crumbling mountain cliff
known as the meaning of meaning,
a lone tiger holds still, while others carefully observe.

As his message spreads out in every direction,
he separates himself into three parts,
a glow radiating from the crevices between the parts-
“patience, striving determination, and a walk toward universal salvation”;

Turning around in the mist, questions levitate,
a caramel-shaded bank wanders in the countryside.
The solid flow of peculiar ideas
outrun a salt spider and a misty flame.

Gladness walks forward with one hand raised,
palm open flat, as the platform below spins slowly.

Walking along tracks of wisdom,
thoughts focused on the full heart,
a rain belt bursts like a tiger through a hoop with every step.

Moments pass in unrehearsed agony and bliss,
freight trains moving at compelling speeds,
that pick up their passengers and race on
across the bridge that no one understands.


  • hee hee hee hee … HAW!

Wow this is brilliant.

political-rewiring-tournament jam,
sleek metallic traffic cam,
wonder-bridges garbage can;
nobody does what smokey can!