Growing to Hate Smartphones...Or the People Who Use Them All the Time

I once had a smartphone - an iPhone 5S. I had it for 6 months then disconnected it. Why? It was a hulking piece of junk made by Apple. After buying it I remembered why I hate Apple so much. But here’s my point: Whenever my wife and I go out with friends, everyone has their nose buried into the screen of their smartphone of choice. I view them as a blight on society. They eliminate personal interactions. I know some people rely on them for scheduling purposes (thinking of you @velociraptor), and that’s fine, but when they take over social get-togethers, it’s time to put the damned things away. What do you all think of smartphones?

@anon40540444: Make you a deal… If you don’t drag me to a function I hate being at, I promise not to make a point of letting you know how much I hate being there by using my device as a social barrier between me and thee.

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Greg, I used to hate Apple smartphones - till I got one - I absolutely fell in love with its simplicity.
But I do know what you mean, I rarely use it for sociable reasons - I use it mainly for medication management, and as a reminder and organizer.
I mainly connect it to WIFI and rarely use it outside of my house - but I can see how some people can get lost in their smartphones, I however am not one of them

All jokes aside, I remember growing up as a kid thinking how cool the communication devices they had on Space 1999 were. Never imagined I’d get to have something better in my pocket. Or that it could bring an entire world of information and entertainment to me. Amazing amazing amazing. To my daughter, this has always been there, like electricity and indoor plumbing.

I love smartphones, tablets, laptops, touchscreen devices. Love 'em all. Love digital music. Love podcasting from my basement.

For the most part, I’m not interested in having face-to-face personal interactions beyond my wife, daughter, and the volunteer work I do. I find other people’s faces/bodies distracting to watch, especially when I can tell what they are saying is not in line with what they are thinking. People lie to your face a depressingly large amount of the time. When I’m typing on the Net I don’t have to be distracted by it.

Personally, I think we need more social isolation, not less, but that’s me. And the general consensus is that I’m broken, so my opinion may not get you far.


Edit: Just realized that Commander Koenig wasn’t married. Because if he was, the episodes would have been derailed by his wife running his personal comm thru the 1999 equivalent of a washer. Not cool.

I have never had a smart phone, we are looking now for the best deal and hopefunlly are about to experience them for the first time.

Yep… were at that point.


I don’t hate smartphones but smartphones actually gives me a place for breather when I am feeling down or want to escape a little on reality…I think it’s alright to look at the phone its a personal choice…but it’s not very healthy mentally thought and maybe physically for the neck

Someone posted recently that they pretty much used their phone to avoid dealing with people as it helped with symptoms. Thinking on it I use to do the same with a book also got just as much hatred from it. “Oh that’s just rude reading your book and ignoring us all!” In those days I use to have the walkman on as well for total wipeout of the outside world.

Mostly I don’t care but the one that does bug me the most on public transport these days. The way the seats are arranged on the trains here is I’ve always got at least 5 cameras pointed at me the entire trip. Does send my paranoia up the wall.

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I don’t hate the smartphones, just the companies who can manipulate the information on them to mess with others.

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Seats are arranged as such on the trains here

So the back of phones are all ways facing forward. Where the camera lens on phones are mostly. But only when they sit back. I hope that make sense. As everybody shifts around in their seats it is about 5 phone cameras on each person. Thing is it may get even worse as many are fighting for free wifi on the trains.

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Yeah , some people overuse them , most of my friends don’t though , one does and its anoying alright.

Maybe it doesn’t bother the younger generation as much. It’s like a mutual guilt thing but if you don’t have anything to add to a convo then you might as well entertain yourself. Sometimes it bothers, but the way I see that’s just how it is.

Occasionally someone comes across something funny and shares with the group and then there is discussion. It’s not all bad.

I do see where your coming from.

My Sony Xperia z3 just arrived. The rest of the world has ceased to exist for the next 24 hours.

Sorry, what were we talking about?


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