Drugs and music TW

The 3 common drugs I’ve taken was weed, alcohol and ecstacy.

On weed I’ve always loved hip hop/rap.

Alcohol paired well with heavy metal/rock.

Ecstacy seemed to spark an intense desire for house/electro.

Did drugs fuel your taste in music, if you consumed any?

I have never taken drugs but when I was psychotic music sounded incredible. I loved “The Boxer” by Simon and Garfunkle and would turn it up full bore, believing that song was written just for me.

I thought I had this unbelievable singing voice and would sing along so loud to any song on the CD player as that was all I had access to. I believed I was a famous record producer and had produced for groups like ABBA, Smokie, and any other group from the seventies, even though I was just a kid during the seventies.

I can laugh my head off at these harmless delusions now. I imagine that is somewhat the same as if having taken an illicit substance.

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I used to get drunk and listen to blues riffs. I don’t really like the blues as much anymore, my taste in music has changed a bit.

weed it was usually some kind of folk stringed band. not really sure the genre to describe it.

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You got me thinking…I don’t recall being into music when I was using at all even though all other times of my life music has been front and center. It’s like drugs ruined that part of my brain, how sad. Oh well I love music now so it’s all good.

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The first times I got drunk high or tripping I fricking loved music like for the first time. I discovered the Beatles, Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin on lsd. I said hey that music was made on lsd I might as well listen to it on lsd. When I first smoked weed I loved rap. When I first drank I loved rap too but an even different style. Same with tripping. And other drugs haha. I loved drugs on music. Now I love music in all mindstates. Except no rap music on dmt. And when I smoked salvia, ramble on by Led Zeppelin was talking to me.

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I remember years of voices getting so bad that I would score somehow or another, alcohol, pills, heroin, anything that would knock me out.

I had a ritual of using alone, crying, sobbing, music blaring, singing along as I got loaded to the point of unconsciousness, just to stop the voices. The drugs helped make it easier to cope, the music helped allow me to cathartically cry.

That was years ago, I still can’t listen to some of my old songs, they trigger me

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nt really, I only did drugs once and when I did I could have listened to anything n enjoyed it :stuck_out_tongue:

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