Great were all mindless idiots

Taking this ■■■■ every day or month. Poor Patrick can’t bone his wife. Jukebox claims no side effects yet smokes 40 cigarettes a day and can’t get out of bed then all the rest of us sexless idiots who take this ■■■■. Why do we do it, why is it this way we have beliefs and psychiatrists won’t budge with theirs.

It’s either put up with side effects or think I can fly and jump off a building.

You were going to give the abilify injection a go weren’t you? Did you change your mind?

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“Poor Patrick can’t bone his wife”


Actually, I’ve made a bit of a comeback since returning to Abilify. I’m doing alright nowadays in that department. :wink:

My side effects have drifted away. Just some minor weight gain. Not so bad, though.


Lmao :joy:


Define “alright”…

(just kidding, please don’t) :smiley:


I think i am a little sexy.

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I’ve got powerful stuff don’t you forget. I got two babies in one shot!

Women get pregnant just looking at my nether region! :wink:


Med compliant? Check!
Epic nookie? Check!
Non-smoker? Check!
Able to get out of bed? Check!
Able to remember when to shower on my own? Ah, ■■■■…

Hey, 80% gets you an A in school, so it’s all good!

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Men, too. Please stop posting pics of your nethers – we have enough mouths to feed around here.


I’m considering trying medication for the first time in over 35 years. It terrifies me but I want a better quality of life, and I’m tired of fighting on my own…All of you are brave to be on medication, and commendable to want so much to stabilize! The side effects sound horrible sometimes, and not worth it for me. But that’s what I’ll talk with a psychiatrist about. Can I have an improved life on meds? I hope so…

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interesting stuff, I have some side effects. Sexless nights might be one of them for a while but my partner is on meds too that effect her libido. The only annoying side effect is the jittering of my legs that remind me of a little shaking Chihuahua.

Good luck @Hedgehog

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Hey there, 35 years of meds? That’s a big effort. If you don’t mind me asking, what are your symptoms off the meds?