Great freaking piece of mail!

Holy ■■■■!!! I had received a piece of mail from the clerk of courts over a week ago.

I hadn’t opened it until just now, thinking it was regarding my tax debt.

Nope, it was a restitution check from the burglary of my apartment in 2017, finally.

I had asked for $550 to cover the cost of the TVs that were stolen.

The check is for $1250!!! Apparently the judge thought I should get more than I had asked for.

I made an impact statement with a lady from the prosecutor’s office, last year just prior to his sentencing. I told her I have schizoaffective disorder, explained what that is, and told her how the break-in/burglary affected my mental health, especially my level of paranoia. Well, I guess it made an impact on the judge. :grinning::grinning::grinning:

Yep, I can get a new windshield now for my car, can replace the metal-on-metal rear brakes, and pay some other past due bills. ■■■■ yeah!!!

Okay, I’m excited. I’ve been in a very bad way financially.


Congrats! That really is good mail.

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That is awesome. :star_struck::star_struck::star_struck:

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Have I told you how much I care about you lately :smiley: ::rofl:

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This is madness!

I can’t believe you got that check,

Congratulations on some much needed funds!

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Awesome news!

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Nice surprise, I got one for $1000.00 once for some stuff, guy worked for the city, who ripped me off

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The best part is that this means I’ll be able to move soon.

Even if the apartment I move to isn’t the greatest, I’ll still need something cheap, I can move to a better neighborhood that is closer to the two schools at which I teach.

Hell yeah, get the ■■■■ out of the ghetto.

Not to mention I’m a week away from my first monthly pay from the college I’ve been teaching at, soon the pay from the new college will start, and soon I will be able to file for my tax refund.

Hell, I’ll be able to treat myself to a new tattoo soon, as well!


Glad things are going well for you. :turtle::turtle::turtle:

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That is awesome! Most money I’ve ever got was 1900 dollars for a car accident that damaged my back and caused a herniated disc.

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Wow. Great news! Spend it wisely with such a nice windfall. Well done you.

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I’m so happy for you I’m literally crying right now! You’ve had so much bad luck, and you really deserved to catch a break!

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I’m happy for you, but you might want to wait before you spend all that money. It could be a mistake that they expect you to set right. I wouldn’t think the state would give someone more money than s/he asked for.

It’s not a mistake. There were two pieces of mail from the clerk of courts. There were actually two checks.

The first one, dated 12/17, was for $20, a payment he had made. I opened that one first tonight, then the one for $1250.

The stub on the one for the latter check showed he made a payment of $20 on 12/17, then a payment for $1230 a couple weeks later. They would have caught the mistake.

The judge is human, and I’m sure he sees this guy as a scumbag, considering his criminal record, which includes multiple domestics, including beating on his pregnant girlfriend (“endangering the life of an unborn child”). Judges actually are hard on scumbags like him on a regular basis, so I’m not worried about it.

This check is for real.


This is such awesome news!!! Congrats!

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That’s awesome @freakonaleash!!!

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I’m so happy for you!!

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That’s great! I hope you get burglarized again!!

Er…okay…that didn’t come out to good. :confused:

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I got burglarized one time. Some kids came in the dog door. They stole my sons XBox and my camera and some cash.

I didn’t get any restitution though. They could have cleaned me out if they wanted too.

Glad you got compensated. That’s good news.

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Congratulations @freakonaleash! Glad to hear things are looking up for you.