Grasping what's been said

Have you ever been in a situation where you’re told you’re not grasping what the other person’s saying, and yet at the same time they’re not grasping what you’re saying?


Well I’m sick of my mom asking me a question when I’ve already told her in the first place. She clearly wasn’t listening to begin with.

Sorry, maybe this isnt exactly what you meant.

It isn’t exactly , but no harm done. It’s not unusual for a thread to stray from it’s original starting point.

What are you trying to say?


Yes. Seems to happen when neither the sender or the receiver are being mindful of the conversation. I don’t think people mean to do it. The human brain is processing thousands of ideas and concepts a second.

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It’s a thread on an ASD forum about IQ being used by itself to categorise people as high or low functioning. The problem being that ,especially with high IQ people on the spectrum, adaptive functioning can lag considerably behind what might be expected based on a person’s IQ .

These data indicate that estimates from intelligence quotient alone are an imprecise proxy for functional abilities when diagnosing autism spectrum disorder, particularly for those without intellectual disability. We argue that ‘high functioning autism’ is an inaccurate clinical descriptor when based solely on intelligence quotient demarcations and this term should be abandoned in research and clinical practice.

The other person can’t grasp that that is still done in clinical circles, and how it can result in a person not getting the help and support they need .

yeah thats how it goes between me and my sister.

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