Grandmother wants me to have an exorcism

Struggling with mental illness (whatever I have) is made a lot harder I think by coming from a family that doesn’t even believe in mental illness.

When my mind is winding up in a delusional problem, I usually have a period of time where I slip in and out of delusion. Nobody is aware of it unless I talk to someone about it, which usually doesn’t happen because I’m a very secretive, quiet person.

About a week ago, late at night, I had a panic attack involving some paranoid issues, I thought that I was being harassed or possessed by demons. I was home alone which probably made the issue worse.

In a moment of desperation I emailed my grandmother explaining that my whole family has been cursed by demons and that these demons are now trying to come after me. I was very upset and asking her for advice because she is by far the most religious person I have ever known.

I finally crashed from exhaustion and slept for about 7 hours. When I woke up I felt calmer and detached from the events of the previous night.

However my grandmother is now convinced that I really am tormented by demons, and she wants me to have an exorcism. In her emails to me she even explains that she found a priest to perform the exorcism and that she is willing to drive 4 hours to come pick me and take me to this person.

I emailed her back thanking her for the offer but saying no thank you, that I just need time and space to pray. I’m not actually religious, but that was the best way I could come up with to disengage from the situation without insulting her beliefs, since I had started the situation in the first place.

But now this will be weighing on my mind off and on, about whether I am making the right decision, if maybe I should get an exorcism done, if maybe the demons just want me to believe I am mentally ill and it’s yet another trick.

My whole family is like this in one way or another. Whenever I am experiencing symptoms and it shows, they never acknowledge or recognize that I am having symptoms.

Just venting.


if you don’t have a pdoc make an appointment with your g.p.
and try and find some written information to try and educate your family on your condition.
you have a mental illness…it is because of genetics etc…
exorcism is not going to cure mental illness
as it will not cure cancer.
know someone cares :heart:
take care :alien:


I agree with @darksith. See a doctor, get more information. I underwent an exorcism about 29 years ago. It didn’t work. I had compounding my suffering the burden of shame thinking I had attracted demons to myself…that’s a lie. You suffer enough. Don’t let anyone make you suffer more. Take charge with your condition and educate those around you. I wish you and your family the best.


Yeah I know. I am trying to get in with a pdoc right now. I called their office today but I was put to voicemail, so I think I called too late in the day. Set my alarm clock to make sure I am up at a reasonable time tomorrow and will try again. I took a leftover Zyprexa pill I had in the closet last night to try to tame things, and it made me sleep a long time.

My whole family tree knows that I have mental health problems, but most of them think it is really demons. It’s just the background I come from, I dealt with it my whole life growing up.

The only people in my life who don’t think it’s demons are my mother and her husband, but the way they respond when my symptoms become apparent is that they ignore me and pretend I don’t exist, or they turn it into a fight.

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I told my sister I heard voices and she asked me if I was possessed so I know how u feel

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My mother took me to a pastor friend of hers for an exorcism when I was 15 and suffering severe panic attacks. It didn’t work, only made me feel worse and I was eventually diagnosed with sz four years later.

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An exorcism won’t make you any better, but it could make you worse if it serves as a trigger for your symptoms. Your best bet is to see a doctor and get some intervention going in the form of meds and then therapy.

Good luck – overly religious family is a pain.


Families have a hard time understanding mental illness. To them it is strange, which relates to supernatural phenomenon. The best you can do is to educate yourself about your illness and go from there.

Really think ignoring it gets better relief. Put on a show or get emotional, things are more incessant. I don’t like the ghost belief myself or aliens, just brings on more creepy stuff & jokes by voices.

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