Does anyone else's family think their possessed

My family think I’m possessed because I hear voices. Does anyone else’s family think that mental illness is possession.

My maternal grandmother thinks I need an exorcism/deliverance.

only the local Pentecostal church goers think I am possessed…when I was living at my apartment they kept showing up and the pastor would splash ‘holy water’ on the door and shout at the house about devils going back to hell…

My parents probably pray in church into what the hell is wrong with me, but i dont think they think im possessed. They’re also in denial that im ill

My mom told me it would go away if I prayed more…I did. It didin’t work…:confused:


Arnt we all lacking some possession symptoms i havent levitated or lit anything on fire with my devil powers…lol

I have some unusual beliefs in that direction. Abilify just puts it all in the background though.

For s while i thought the souls of my ancestors was directing me…i still feel like i have odins blood running through my veins he just forgets about me alot…i do have viking blood so in my head it all clicks like that…

I actually tell them that i am but they say im not and really don’t care either way.

I was levitating during my “psychosis”.

I saw gods and spirits to.

And they also tried to get me to commit suicide on top of a pyramid.

What you might call a spirit also grinned at me in the reflection of my sliding door last time i was without meds. It wasn’t trying to fool anyone either, it just grinned and let me know what it was.