Gotta give up my kitty

My ex wife skipped town without telling anyone and gave up custody of our 8yo tabby to me. Unfortunately I am living with my bro and he is allergic. I have some friends hosting him for a couple of days. I don’t know if I can get my own apartment on short notice although I have some money saved up for a deposit. I am hoping my friends might like to adopt him. I cried a bit the last couple days because I am pretty sad to lose him. I raised a little money towards vet bills for whomever gets him next. I don’t want to give him up to a shelter and will put him in a cat hotel or stay with him in a motel for a bit if I need to.


You are doing the right thing by getting the cat a safe home.

I’m sorry you were put in this situation.

Good luck finding the cat a good home!


Wow. You’re a good pet parent. That cat is so lucky you’re in his life for now. Thank you!


You are very responsible @keepsimple
I know it’s heartbreaking

Please hang in there


That’s an awful situation. But you are going about it in a smart way, making sure that your kitty finds a good home instead of giving them to a shelter.

I hope you can find your own place, so that you can keep your cat. But if that doesn’t happen, at least you can choose which home / people to adopt them.


You’re a good person :blush:


I hope you find your kitty a new home. You are very good to your cat.


make sure the home you get him into will allow you to possibly visit him later on. this wont make it as bad for you and him. Your a very good person. Most people would dump the poor dear into a curbed or woodland area and leave em to their own self. Which i believe is very bad to do to any animal especially a domesticated ones. Keep up the awesome Job @keepsimple

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