Got the tree up


Makes me feel more calm. I like Christmas. Happy holidays to everyone!


That look on your son’s face is is how I feel when life squeezes me in the morning when I wake up.


He was trying so hard to escape.


Nice family and tree @samples32 - going to put up our tree this week


Merry Christmas @samples32 nicely done !! glad you are well !!


You too, @jukebox. I hope your med kick up goes perfectly!


started today. she doubled it. scares me but I am complying. I want to feel better.


You’ve got this!


Me too.

(the only thing worse than waking up in the morning is "post must be 15 characters or longer)
Are you happy now? ( (only playing, no need to get anyones panties in a bunch) heeheehee


This is the limit of my decorating. There are trees in the common areas but I put up some lights around my computer. I love Christmas lights.


@Malvok very nice. I want to put christmas lights all around the perimeter of my living room again. they put out a nice light when they are the only ones lit as I’m sure you already know. anyways, nice touch.


wow, i’m impressed with the set up…my laptop looks ancient compared to that…!?!
take care :alien:


some lights around my window before i move house :slight_smile:


It’s interesting how little kids’ hugs can look like a choke hold.


Beautiful tree. Cute kids.


Ooooh dat festivity doe. My roommate and I put up lights around the windows in our dorm as well.


Oh no! Big Sister has the bear hug on, but he will NOT submit!

Salvaged from the original Death Star? Quite ancient!

Those are way cool, almost unearthly - window looks like sky with stars and northern lights!
I enlarged it…even looks like the Grinches Mount Crumpet in the lower left…

Mount Crumpet:


its my mechanical parrot in the window with the lights wrapped around :slight_smile:


Aww, I can see the beak now… it also looked like a grim reaper or a hooded cloaked figure…!!