Christmas chillaxing

Lights. Christmas tunes. Hot chocolate. Friday evening. Life can be pretty good.




Your house looks beautiful!

I didn’t decorate this year, wasn’t feeling festive, I guess.


Good for you @velociraptor

You must be settled in pretty well by now in your new pad huh?

We just put a tree up and the cats are leaving it alone. Even the doggies are in the Christmas spirit.

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great you’re in a good mood. now is probably a good time to ask for a Christmas favor. please come to my house and string up my blue string lights, I got them all tangled and quit in a fuss. :crazy_face:

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Here’s the rest of the room.

You can spot a younger me in one of the pics.



Beautiful. I’m going to leech off your Christmas spirit lol.

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Looks nice. I haven’t decorated or put up a tree in years. When my son lived with us I always did it every year. For Halloween too.

My storage shed got broken into and all my decorations were stolen.

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Looks very nice!
I just got the tree up and the lights on.


Just added some blinky to the China cabinet in the corner of the living room.

How did we live before LED lighting?



Looks nice!My family kind of has an unsaid rule that we don’t put up christmas decorations until after my birthday which is monday. I can’t wait till I can finally afford my own place and can make it all cozy like you have

Looks so festive! I’m excited to go to my in-laws next week and see all their decorations. My mil always has the prettiest tree.

Only if you have a high tolerance for inventive and profane language. I can go into a bar and all of the sailors come running out.

Getting there. It took several months to get rid of the smell from the previous tenants and we’re not huge fans of our neighbours. Had to explain to them that we’re stick and tired of their dogs urinating on our front step. They’re too lazy to take them out on a leash so they toss them out the front door on a long lead. They come and widdle/dump on our side. I was tossing the dog bombs back up onto the front step until they got the message and started picking them up right away.

Hoping we can get some properties sorted next year and stick build something new in town as this rental is making us crazy. We’ve gotten used to owning over the past two decades.

Ugh. Stupid broken rescue cat (Calliope) likes to chew on plastic. The tree is plastic. That has been a challenge. I leave a few empty ziplocks in the corner of each room for her to work on instead. Trying to manage the compulsion. Can’t believe I’m enabling a cat.

Well, I’m not a Christian and haven’t been for a while. I’ve been making my diehard Xtian friends nuts by wishing them a Swingin’ Solstice or a Sexy Saturnalia. I also refer to it as The Festival of Consumption. Especially if it is the consumption of chocolate – I’m totally down with that.

Man, that’s depressing. I’m so sorry.

Apologies for the late replies everyone, I’m trying to limit the time I spend on my laptop.


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