My Christmas tree


We have a pretty big tree (normal size) its artificial too, pretty lights included.
I also like small trees - its not the size of the tree that counts, its all about symbolism

I can’t do it… I can be happy with a tree that got chopped down for the sake of one day and when all is said and done… left to rot in the gutters until April.

Why won’t people mulch their trees? My sis and I… others now too… decorate the tree out side.


some people keep them alive in pots but you can always use an artificial one, or just the top of the tree and it can grow back again i think, you don’t need to kill the tree i don’t think, i hate that as well tho, it is horrible seeing the skeleton of and old xmas tree,


The kid sis has a new project this year… bird seed Christmas Ornaments. She saw this idea and now it determined to make her own.

She looking forward to decorating the two trees outside.


I’m glad to see you’re getting into the Christmas spirit. I watched “A Christmas Carol” a few nights ago. It got me into the Christmas spirit, but then I snapped out of it. Now I’m trying to get back into it.

I don’t know if I will put up a tree this year . We have a tiny one with fiber optic light s on it. It’s rather pathetic. We have not had a big tree in a number of years because I have not been well enough to do it. I miss family gatherings on Christmas. Now it’s just my parents and my daughter. Everyone else is dead I have the feeling that I am going to be facing a major depression this season beginning with Thanksgiving. That is usually my favorite holiday…but things are so bad between my husband and I it just makes me want to cry…

you don’t need to try too hard lol, its still early :slight_smile:

sorry locomotion :frowning: i hope things get better for you and your family this xmas

Even if its just the 4 of you-its good.
Dont expect it to be bad--maybe it wont be.
Sorry about you and your husband-I really dont know whats going on, but I wish you and your`s a good holiday OO

@locamotion I am sorry to hear that about you and your husband. I will pray for you to find happiness this season somehow.

i might not be able to put up my tree this xmas :frowning: what with moving house and all of that :frowning:

its one of the worst times of the year to move bc all the shops stop getting orders in and so i can’t order carpets or anything until after new year.

I’m sorry that your husband and you are in bad relationship at the moment, locamotion. Hope things get better for you soon. A Christmas of 4 people isn’t very bad, though. So just enjoy it as much as you can.

Thank you all for the displays of support. It does help to know that I have people here who give a crap…(will “crap” get blocked out?) …Holidays are hard. Estranged family members…members of the family that you don’t get on with. The physical effort of cooking, decorating and baking cookies makes me want to hide under my bed. well I will get through it somehow…hopefully without lots of tears.

Thanks again.

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you also have accpetionally nice wellies:)

There is good and bad. We have a new home that is kind of roomy for the first time in a decade. Good space to put a tree. Unfortunately we won’t spend X-mas here. Mrs. Pixel insists we spend every X-mas day with her parents. Heaven forbid we should enjoy our own home. The parents are getting up there, one is a hoarder, and the house could use a month’s worth of cleaning. I really don’t want to go. I’d be okay with her parents coming here, but I can’t stand the idea of another X-mas there.


In the meantime, I have this to tide me over:


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The younger generation here may not know or remember the old times when candles in Christmas trees were actually real candles, but this was the way in my childhood. Real candles gave a more natural feeling, but nowadays nobody uses real candles any longer and everybody uses electrical candles. But those were some fun old times.

Christmas can be celebrated any time in any year. Christ mas meaning the mass of Christ. Once we celebrated Christmas, in Finnish ‘joulu’ in the middle of the hot and sunny summer, the mass of Christ, and people were happy :smile:

I still have my Christmas tree :smiley:

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