Got the cashier gig!


Gotta fill out my tax information and then walk back 5 miles T_T


Excellent! Good for you @MisterWaffles, way to go!

congratulations :smile:

Well done, dude.

Nice.!!! Do you have to walk 5 miles everyday? Must be in another state deleware is less than 5 miles big, no?

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Well done! I remember you saying that they offered you that because of your people skills, so double win!

No it’s less than 5 miles wide. It’s a good 5 miles tall

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I wouldn’t say it’s because of my people skills, more like like my skills of knowing somebody who works there

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Hopefully they’ll keep you around after the holiday season. Fingers crossed.

Hey, whatever gets your foot in the door! Congratulations! Being a cashier is super fun, and not boring.

I’m sure it’s a hell of a lot better than fast food o.o

What store are you at?


Congratulations man that’s awesome

Good news! And Good luck!

I’ve been training for this my whole life


The Dollar tree!

Moved to School and Work.




(Wearing moderator hat)

Your awesome!!! Have fun and remember to be nice to customers :smile: