Interview on monday!

At the dollar store, my friend works there and she said I probably have the job :smiley:


Congratulations - good luck with it

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Heck yeah, hopefully i’ll be able to buy another car soon haha


Good luck :smile:

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Fingers crossed for you.

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Definitely. Not having a car has really sucked. It’s a lot harder to get out of the house

Well done and good luck! :oncoming_automobile:

That’s great. Just got a job myself.

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odile did you stay with the call centre or did you get the other job?

The other. I fix mistakes in the weather strip of Toyota camerys. Sounds easy, but it’s kicking my ass. I walk for 8 hours straight on a moving platform.

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That’s hard to do on meds. Your body might get used to it - you’re young - you’ll be super fit.

Good luck. Will you be stocking? Or doing cashier work?

Stocking, I think. Pretty sweet job. Hopefully they’ll keep me around after the holiday season is over.

If you do a good job they probably will.

Well, it’ll depend on whether or not they need me, it’s a small dollar store and from what I heard they’re hiring a bunch of people

Yeah you just got to do better than them

Just do your best and don’t cause any trouble. Stocking isn’t bad work. Yeah, they might hire the best workers to stay on after the holidays. Try to be punctual; don’t be late. They will probably give you an employee discount too.

I wish they had discount at the dollar store haha

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Well, they used to have Five & Dime stores.