I got a job at the grocery store

I got a part time job at the grocery store. I am happy about it. If I can manage part time doing this that would be great. I am a cashier. NO this is not why I busted my but in graduate school or college the first i time either but I do not care. My boss seem slike a very nice man. And, my former employer I “thought” would not give me a good reference did in fact do so.


Good for you man. A job a job I know im going to start looking at groceries store for here in about a month.

I’m happy for you. Congratulations.

Congratulations! I’m glad your boss seems to be very nice too. :smiley:

Happy for you, desimb. I hope I can find a similar job soon.


Yay! Very happy for you!

A cashier’s job is nothing to sneeze at. I sure hope you can do it. Remember there are a lot of details like food stamps, coupons, people who want to cash checks, etc. But we can know you made a good first impression.

Congratulations. :smiley:

HAPPY FOR YOU!!! just couldn’t be any better news…

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good on you.
take care

Congratulations. I hope it works out for you. You can ignore this advice but once you have a foothold and get to know the job a little, THEN you can look for a job that maybe you can use your degree for. But maybe wait until you feel secure in this job. Hey, a job is a job, right? Any port in a storm. My boss is pretty mean, that’s the way he is. But most of the time he isn’t aware he is being mean, and he’s not doing it on purpose. But we have conversations about various things during the day. But that’s great that you got a job. It shows that perseverance pays off. I bet you were discouraged that you couldn’t get a job, but now you don’t have to worry about applications, resumes or interviews for awhile!! I wonder if you will get discounts on food? Yeah, hopefully this will work out for you.

Congratulations. Sometimes people surprise us.