Got out of the house

On a suggestion from my sister I took a walk to the park today. It was crowded and I was gone an hour. That’s it.


Eat a bit less, move a bit more.

This is a message brought to you by… :blush:


I go to the park everyday between 16:00-17:00. I live near a river bank park that is very long. Every afternoon I come out of my apartment and take a walk in the park. Many people walk their dogs there. I just like to see the green trees and shrubs , the sky, the surface of the river, also these people. My husband has left for a conference in a remote city. So I was alone this week. Walking in the park makes me feel good.


I’m waiting for break in the hot weather, FINALLY. I usually walk in the mornings right after the kids go catch the school bus. I get fewer fat jokes…I moved to middle class neighborhood & the hate mongers will sometimes yell nasty, crazy stuff at me or pull something so I’m trying to walk when I won’t get noticed which is hard when I need to go 2-3 miles. Was going at 6am but just cannot motivate myself right now… I find it easier to live in the cheaper neighborhood, the people are not as crazy even if they are on disability as they have something to lose as they are closer to the edge.

I have a walk planned to Safeway, when I am up early when it is cool. Not tomorrow. I’m staying up late to defragment after my ‘social’ afternoon + night. The frog has returned from last year - outside my window. He ‘churps’ till after I’m asleep. Sometimes open windows are as far out of the house as I get.

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A good chunk of my day was consumed with a trip back to the farm to retrieve all of my exercise equipment from our shop where it used to live. It is going into the second half of our family room downstairs, where we will all have access to it. Managed to fit a good sized treadmill, elliptical, and weight bench into my minivan. Some disassembly required!

I washed off all of the free weights and stacked them in the basement, but haven’t had the energy to move the rest today. Will get to it tomorrow morning. REALLY been missing my weights.

Maybe tomorrow I’ll find time to use a camera.



I got myself a dog to get out on walks. Now I have no excuses to stay in all day.

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Sometimes it can be gratifying to sit down and do some people watching.

i always start the day with a walk sometimes if it rains I don’t but now I have go umbrella and willies so no excuse. I try to do 40 minutes

The public parks are way too crowded with uppity dog walkers in Ralph Lauren shirts. You would think you were at a dog show.

I take a quick walk to Dollar Tree instead. :heavy_dollar_sign: :evergreen_tree:


Today I took a 5 minute walk to the flea market to buy some socks. The beach was right next door and beckoned invitingly, but my husband was missing me so I went back home again. The weather was beautiful - warm and sunny with a fresh sea breeze. The flowers were blooming. Spring is in the air.


Getting out of the house is crucial to my well being, especially since my tendency is to isolate. Lately I have been doing this as I’ve had too much down time on my hands and I am watching the house and the dogs and occasionally my niece while my parents are away.

So tonight I will take the dogs to the field to have a run and get myself out of this blasted house for a change.