Got my sz symptoms back even when I was on meds

Why did this happen ?

This lasted from 20th July 2022 to 31st July 2022…
Over this period my sz symptoms came back and I also started crying for the first time in 3 years remembering the past memories.

I never skipped a single dose of medication in all these years and during this 11 day period as well I took my medication but the symptoms came back.

This time though due to my medication I could control myself very well and noone doubted me that I am crazy. But on the inside I knew something was happening.

Did anyone else encounter these similar experiences even while you are on medication?

I was not sleep deprived as well when it got triggered… I slept for 8 hours the previous night.

I am on 200 mg Amisulpride once a day.

Please let me know what you gus think…

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This happened to me over Christmas i put it down to stress
It was a lot less severe than previously… meds aren’t perfect but imagine what it would be like without it


But I wasn’t stressful at all… No pressures of any sort. I was feeling good and fine when this happened.

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i wasn’t that stressed either to be honest… i put it down to the pretty long term but mild background pressure of covid… lockdown xxx not. having enough contact with people or control over my life

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Hmmm… Interesting.

So I guess we cannot pin down on one cause for this mild relapse I think.

But taking meds is a must … this is what is saving my life.


just tell your pdoc and try and up or change your meds so it doesn’t happen again. should be fine if you are honest with your pdoc.

I experience hallucinations and delusions while on APs. Maybe your med is no longer working at that dose. Call your pdoc to see if you need med changes

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I am feeling very fine since the last 5-6 days… fully stable on that same dose… maybe those 10 days were just a blip

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