Got my pet sitting money

They didn’t pay me until today, but I told my partner to buy cat food for Lola. We bought a bunch of expensive organic cat food for about 10 dollars it was all canned. But problem is only trooper will eat it. So I felt bad for Lola and we are going to buy wet food she likes.

We have been paying for litter, dry and wet food. Toys and treats since the cats came into our apartment.

I have about 10 dollars left, I’m saving it just in case but I know my inlaws wont pay for food for the animals in the apartment maybe the basement dogs they will


Sorry, but making you pay for the food for their pets seems unfair. But the animals do need to eat and be happy, so it’s super cool that you’re making sure they are. I just wish they were a little more considerate.


The most expensive is the bearded dragons and rabbit food. We spend about 40 dollars a month on just superworms. Then 12 for rabbit food. Greens and veggies for all three it kinda gets expensive.


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