Got kind of an alcoholic buzz last night I didn’t even drink

But I ordered fried ice cream at a bar and my friend knew the bartender and the bartender overheard me saying to my friend talking about how I don’t drink.

Well there was supposed to be rum in the ice cream. I’m pretty sure he put tons extra because of what I said.

And I got the best alcohol buzz I’ve gotten in years tbh. Still not worth going back to drinking at all but I was laughing for a good 5 mins lol.


I only drink socially but when I am at home with my best friend two months ago we got pretty hammered and I had a good time because nobody was drinking and driving.

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If it were me that would send me right back to being an alcoholic lol. Good on you for not doing that

Not a great move on the bartenders part though not cool, people have their reasons for not drinking


bartender probably just thought he was one of the normal people who dont really drink but think they will loosen up and be thankful for them doing it, still not a good thing tho as that can go really badly for some people, tho ive had people give me alcohol before when i didnt know it but it didnt bother me than because i wasnt opposed to it just didnt feel the need to drink


There was a guy who kept getting pulled over for a DUI. But he wasn’t a drinker. Turns out that the bread he was eating was fermenting in his body. True story

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