McDonald's This Morning

At 5am this morning I ordered a breakfast sandwich at McDonald’s.

The lady asked me to pull over and would bring it out shortly as it was being cooked fresh and would take 5-7 minutes.

When the employee came out to my car with the food, I gave him a twoonie for a gratuity. I said, “Get a coffee for yourself on me.”

These service employees are treated like dirt quite often. He was very appreciative. My good deed for the day. Even when I’m broke and paycheck to paycheck, I always try to ‘pay it forward’ when I can.


You inspired me. I was depositing a couple checks at the ATM and an old, homeless woman was sitting on the sidewalk so I gave her a $5.00 bill. I drove away and wished I’d given her a twenty.


Charity is a gift from the heart :heart:

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I haven’t eated Mcdonald’s in a long time. Need to soon. I like their coffee.

Nice job, @77nick77

I almost always give smokes to homeless people. It’s something, and they won’t spend money on booze or drugs.

My good nature quite often depends on my mood. Some days I’m more thoughtful and giving than others.

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That is the sad truth too.

I try to be super courteous to anyone that stands behind a cash register or brings my food to the table when I eat out.

I used to clerk at a liquor store so I am well acquainted to being treated like a ■■■■ ball. It got better when I started telling people off. $7/hr and crappy people do not mix.


You can buy their coffee in the store - no need to poison yourself with their toxic crap on top of that.


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