Got denied ssi what now =(

kinda sucks that i waited over 2 months for a no what do you guys think i should do and did you guys also get rejected the first time?? what did ido wrong i have schizoaffective disorder

Idk man get a lawyer?

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I got rejected my first time. I STRoNGLY advise getting a lawyer. SS is tough to deal with, and their paperwork is even tougher. I think lawyers charge 25% of back pay, it is worth it

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what is backpay? i think i will be getting a lawyer thanks

Yeah i got denied for SSDI the first time. Most people do. You can get a lawyer and try again for it. Social Security sets a limit on what the lawyer can charge you. It’s like 25% of the back pay you are awarded if you win the case. If you don’t win, you shouldn’t have to pay anything. It worked out for me. Probably something you want to look into.


Have you worked before? Do you qualify for Ssdi? You need a lawyer. I know when you are applying for SSDI, the lawyer may not charge you unless and until you win your case. And then it’s only a percentage of your backpay. Not sure if a lawyer can charge you when you apply for SSI though. But lawyers can help you get it

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Yeah try again. It seems it’s common to be denied first time. If your able to have legal help then do that as well. Seems to be the American way!

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i have never worked.

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Ok. The best you can do is see if a lawyer will charge you for help.

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