Got a Post Office letter from my pulmonologist clinic

I got an email (picture) of the letters in today’s mail. The receptionist at the clinic said she was going to send me some paperwork to fill out.

I have a nodule in my right lung they are watching to see if it increases in size. They already determined I don’t have cancer.



Hey @ElGato I also have a nodule in my lower right lung at a size of 5mm. I’ve had it for about 10 years, just recently had a CT scan and it hasn’t grown. The doctor says it can be normal to have a nodule, especially if your over 50.

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Yes, I’m 62. I’m just hoping it doesn’t get any larger as I don’t want to have it biopsied. I can’t afford a hospital stay.

Are you over 50?

I don’t have any nodules in my lungs but I do have a thyroid nodule and kidney cysts.

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Have they stayed the same size?

I’m not sure I haven’t kept up with more imaging tests.
Most nodules are benign (harmless) and are common especially if you are over 50

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Yup, over 50. Still feel 30 in my mind though😁

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