Google IT support certificate worth it?

anyone heard heard of or is taking/has taken this course?

im thinking about taking this course as a way help me apply for an entry-level gig I think I might be a good fit for

I currently volunteer for an tech start up offering basic tech support, and I think the course is a good place to start

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Here are the tech certifications I have:

MCT (expired)
LCIP Level 2

Some of those still have some cachet. That being said, I now work in insurance. I regret the time I invested in IT certifications and wish I had earned a degree instead. IT certifications have no staying power.


Anything by Google is worth taking a swing at.

A degree probably costs a fortune in the US (I paid a pittance for mine, as it was state subsidized, but in exchange I had to deal with many lousy teachers and improper accommodation - think very small dorm rooms teeming with cockroaches). It is also very time consuming (4 years or more) and nerve-wrecking. You’d be getting an enormous amount of info shoved down your throat, curriculum is pretty eclectic too.

On the other hand, online certificates allow you to stay laser focused on what you truly want to master, and yes they do have an expiry date attached, because technology evolves, but getting a job in the desired area will help you stay connected to this evolution, so you won’t be left behind.


I would be wary of paying for a google course when they are currently involved in an antitrust lawsuit. Maybe wait to see what the results of that are before investing money in the company.


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