WGU: Might give it a shot

In short I’m having serious problems moving around and it’s a high probability I’m going to lose my job. Talks with family and friends suggest I reenter the IT field and such. Because of head stuff and life in general, I’ve never been to college and attempts at even getting A+ certification have been far from fruitful. I keep seeing ads for this online college and I’m considering getting a BS in computer science.

Any advice or thoughts would be immensely appreciated.:slightly_smiling_face:

why would you lose your job and why study it

Research the college to make sure it’s accredited, and what their employment placement rate is. You don’t want to throw money away on a degree that no one in the field takes seriously.


Here are some reviews of the IT program.

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Based on the reviews, it seems like this is a good fit for those with IT experience who just need the degree to prove their knowledge, but not great for those who need to actually learn.

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My job requires standing, moving quickly, and lifting in dangerous areas. The company considers me a liability. Even if I just showed up one night to work the best that would happen is my supervisor sending me home.

Indeed. Thing is I have some experience but it’s been so long I think I might as well be new.

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So are they discriminating against you because of mental illness?

I think so but my support system tells me its my paranoia. My uncle works at the same place and he says they want to see me back at work but i don’t know. Gonna talk to HR regardless tomorrow.

You might be right better to give it your best and try and be absent as little as possible,work is very important for recovery so focus on doing your best and yes maby you are being paranoid sometimes I’m also paranoid about things that happen at work.

You might as well try showing up. If they send you right home then you can have grounds for either a discrimination lawsuit or applying for disability.

Computer certs are much better and easier to get for doing trouble shooting and working at call centers. I legit only had some microsoft word and excel certificates but i got hired rather quickly as an IT tech for a medium sized company. Ive been tinkering with computers all my life, so the job was fairly easy.

Ive been thinking of going back to my old stomping ground of being into IT stuff. I have done some computer science classes before and theyre mostly for programming and learning the math behind the systems.

I would look into the A+ and CCENT/CCNA certificates if you wanted to get a trouble shooting desk job. For myself it is much harder to get these certs because i live in the middle of nowhere, id have to travel for the exams. Do you live near an exam place for these certs?

Do you have any other plans for the just in case?

The CompTIA certs like A+ are very basic and don’t compare to an actual degree program in terms of difficulty. I’ve got a bunch of them. Also doing uni by correspondence and it is much tougher.


If you can’t get an A+ cert, I seriously don’t think you can manage a BS in Computer Science. That’s like comparing an apple to an apple tree.

Try finding a tutor who can help you learn the A+ material. The benefit of going to a college is access to services and a structured class. Most people I know who earned their A+ certification learned it on their own, and there are plenty of people who struggle to self teach themselves.

Go with the tutor route first, and then try uni. Structure can make all the difference when learning something new.

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