Anyone interested in being mentored for a computer career?

I graduated with my master’s degree in cybersecurity last year and want to help others along their computer career path. I’m especially interested in people who want to work in cybersecurity, but other computer careers are helpful as well.

Just PM me (@doing-fine-thanks) and we can work something out.

By the way, I don’t do phone calls or emails. All communication will be in private message or the forums.



I’d like to go into cyber security. I haven’t gotten into a learning program yet.

What would you recommend I could self learn in the meantime online?

There are a lot of resources depending on what you want to do. Cybersecurity is a broad field. For example, you could be a penetration tester, a cybersecurity engineer, an IT auditor, or do research.

A few resources are: --lots of courses, some free, some not – wargames that teach you how to hack in a safe environment – just learn everything they offer, if you can – they offer a computer science BS and an MS in Cybersecurity (costs money, but totally worth it)

I hope this list gives you a good start on your career!

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thanks for the info man, appreciate it!

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I had a computer career, dumped it because of the stress. Much happier in insurance.


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