Up before the sun. Thought I’d say hi. How are you all doing today? Hope everyone slept well.

Hi! goodmorning! I slept well, had a dream about being on another planet which was cool

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yeah me too. I woke up at 4:30 am. I’m gonna focus on getting work done in the next two hours. I’m working on a book. Then I’m going to pledge allegiance to the queen, haha. I’m becoming Canadian today :o)


good morning to you Kristina!! I am doing o.k. and you?

sunshine wishes (not too hot, though) for all of you.


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Congratulations! It’s quite a big deal aligning to a country of your choice? Best wishes!


Good morning!
I had a two hour shift at charity shop and now I’m chilling out

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Thanks Judy!!
Im doing good. Hitting the road today. Just finished getting ready and packed. Hope to talk to you guys soon!

Thats awesome!!! Congrats. Let us know when ur done. Id read it!!

no sorry, I’m not writing a book. I’m a graphic designer, I’m working on a meditation book for a client. I did the design, layout, cover etc. Almost done.

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Kristina, hope you’re having a good road trip. :grinning: :smile:

have fun, it’s healthy.

hugs, judy

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Good morning, all.

I don’t know what’s in store today, but I hope everyone sees a healthy and happy one for sure.