Had a great day today

Hello people, I am just high due to how great my day went today. Nothing special, just went to work after last days hiding at home and avoiding any social interactions including attending my uni… First I wanted to cancel the shift 1hr before it started but I changed my mind and went after all. And not regretting it! I think you have restored my empty batteries guys, hopefully I will run on them for quite a while… anywho thank you and wish you all the best # feeling proud :grin:


Yay! Congratulations! @Lara Ugh i’m still in school XD. You must be in the future

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Heh… I am :wink: are you from USA? So then I am about 6hrs ahead…

I remember myself when being in USA and calling to my family how strange it was when I was just beginning my day and them ending… if you travel between zones often enough probably you never age heh…

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Hahaha yeah! I live in California. So is it 9:30 for you now? I just left a study session and plan to go make oatmeal. That was random…

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So then it’s even 8hrs… it’s 23.30…

Way to go! I’m glad you’re doing well. Personally, I always have mixed feelings about going out, but it always turns out to be worthwhile.


Oh man XD. That is later than i expected

So then have a nice day and I wish myself a good night… take care :blush:

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You’re welcome. You owe us a dinner and a movie for helping you.

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Hahaha, no problem… when and where? :wink: btw. I was actually thinking how great it would be us all to meet up in real life. Thanks for that site there would be no awkwardness or at least less… like make it an annual event. Somewhere nice, by the beach, in all inclusive hotel. It could be paid by NHS/insurance companies cause it would be a form of a group therapy, heh… dream on, dream on… :grin:

When @san_pedro becomes a millionaire we’ll all going to meet up on some deserted island


Yeah, but after we all get there, then we will have to call it, “The Populated Island”.

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