Good night ☾

Hey, it is night where im from.
How are u guys doing?

It is supper time here and I am not even hungry

What are you eating?

Nothing at.the moment. Should eat some salad

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Thats cool salad is nice. How was your day?

Life hack: Brush your teeth with peppermint toothpaste. Peppermint is a natural stimulant which makes you stay alert. Substitute coffee for mouthwash. Wake up and everything is like pee wee’s play house.


That’s interesting. Where can I get peppermint toothpaste?

Thanks, I’ll try and find a toothepaste that is good. I use biotene mouthwash when I do.

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First pick. Santa. Candy cane peppermint uncut guarded by heavily armed reindeer. Second pick. Almost any big name grocery store.

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Haha lol
I think I’ll go for the first pick

Unfortunately very anxious

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I’m sorry to hear that!
Here’s to a better tomorrow :slight_smile:

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