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As some of you might remember, i was supposed to be getting kicked out by August. Well my landlord and my mom had a talk with me yesterday, and my landlord is giving me more time to get my ■■■■ together. So i wont be getting kicked out just yet. I need to hold a job, anyone have any advice for that? I have trouble holding jobs.


Why? What normally happens?

@everhopeful - I either have trouble learning or I have mental health episodes and quit. I have been diagnosed with a learning disability so sometimes I make a lot of mistakes at the job. Or I have panic attacks and quit the job.

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See if you can work for an employer who would be more understanding. Like a charity maybe? You could be upfront about your challenges.

Are there employment agencies near you? Maybe phone them up and ask them if they can help you find a suitable position.


Thanks for the advice @everhopeful

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I can’t imagine what it would be like with a learning disability and employment.

I do know, when you have episodes, it can be tough to maintain the employment.

Where I am, the mental health clinic, that handles my mental health case, is in coordination with places that work with the mentally ill, thereby helping the person stay employed, because they have experience in working with the mentally ill.


That sounds awesome. I wonder if that is commonplace, or you are lucky enough to have access to the exception to the rule

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The clinic I attend, has different options. On my case, there is a team of mental health workers; each specializing in a different area.

I don’t believe it’s common place, but you may be able to request one, at your mental health clinic.


Brilliant. Where do you live, if you don’t mind my asking? I’m wondering if this might be available in Canada

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Ah. I live in the United States.

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