Good morning. How are you?

I’m quite tired cause I woke up super early. I just had a shower though which refreshed me.

Today I am seeing my psychologist and also my nurse for my injection.

Got any plans ?

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Today I have a video appointment with my pdoc’s physician assistant. They want to change my psych meds as a precaution for the allergic reaction. I was going to ask for Caplyta. I found out Medicare and Medicaid both pay for it. I also have the exterminator coming over for the fleas.


I am well today thank you.:slightly_smiling_face:

I miss my x boyfriend in SA and his dogs and the home in country soooooooo much.
I regret leaving.

But I have it good here but was happier there with them.

I hope to watch Orange is the new black and have dinner and :zzz: leep.

I look forward to tomorrow as da plan is to do some shopping then.
Nice groceries etc

I took a sleeping tablet last night.
Hope I don’t need one tonight.

I am thinking of one of my favourite girls.
She is my x dog.
I love her soooooo much.
She is elegant and graceful naturally but very old so I may not get to see her again.

I learnt a lot about lust and love and difference etc.

I prayed my x in SA will take me back but we are not sexual as such but he is the best man I know and the one I love most.
Hope he knows that.

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