Good morning everyone!

I’m up early (for me). I’m just busy trying to get my dog to stop barking while staring out the window , waking my mom up and disturbing my autistic niece who doesn’t like loud noises.

What are you up to this morning(or whatever time it is where you are at) and how are you?


It’s 2pm here

Been up since about 5am.

Stopped taking my Promethazine and have had the best sleep last 2 nights for a few months…

Still trying to come off Pregabalin with mixed success.

I have also sold my flat, and just trying to buy another place but the vendor is being very slow :roll_eyes:


Good morning @Bowens
Woke up like an hour ago but in the meantime took my morning meds, ate breakfast and now having some coffee.

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I see my pdoc today. Plus I have a dental appointment. In between that, I’m going to spend some quality time with my 21 year old daughter


Morning Bowens!

Oh man, I know well the annoyance of dogs in the morning. Can’t help but love the noisy fur babies.

Poodle sleeps in, she doesn’t like to leave bed, but corgi goes nuts, she’ll throw herself on top of me kissing to wake me up to go outside. Even though she’s pad trained for emergencies.

I’m in a good place, hope you are too! Have a good day dude!



I just got about around 10 am; it’s 10:15 now. I’m still soooooo tired.

Have annoying things to do today: wash my hair, clean out cat litter boxes, TMS, grocery store.

I’m a little edgy.

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It’s afternoon here.
I will go to the dentist.
Everything fine.

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Wokeup 20min ago, had a protein bar for breakfast and a caffeine pill. Yesterday night it was -4C after midnight. Now its 10:25am and -1C outside.

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I can breathe again. Thanks goodness.

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Good morning!

Nothing interesting happening for me this morning, just did some homework. On a good note, I don’t have virtual class today!

However, I’m trying to pull myself out of a hypomanic/depressive episode, if that’s even what you could call it. I still have reason to believe I have BPD comorbid with bipolar disorder. Tried to drop out of college and then I became infatuated with my friend who I’ve only been talking to again for less than a week.

It’s almost 10:30 AM here and it’s 34 F here. So chilly!


I did some grocery shopping today. Talked to my cousin and dad on the phone. I also made an appointment to do PC tests next week for a job application in Brussels.

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Good morning! I woke up early and got ready for the day. Made myself some breakfast and have a work training in 30 minutes. Also have a hair appointment later today


Still up from last night!
Enjoyed a bowl of Lane BCA in a real briar earlier, I’ve been smoking a new cob lately.

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