Good Lord, what am I going to do with all this candy?

We never had a trick-or-treater last night. My son bought the biggest bag, I mean huge, of candy bars. I’m pre diabetic, my ex is diabetic and my son doesn’t eat sugar. I mean I’ll eat the candy, but first off, I shouldn’t, second off, it will take a while. I don’t know, I guess I’ll just start giving it to people. Give some to the transporters, some to the lady that comes to visit me everyday, some to my meds nurse, some to the office maybe?, I don’t know…I really shouldn’t eat it all, but if it’s here I’ll eat it. What are you going to do with all your candy?


We have my stepdaughter who likes candy and her friends who are over. They’re eating lots of candy.

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Oh yep, lots of kids help the situation.

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I might stick some of it in the freezer.

Give it to a food bank. They can hand it out to the families who go there.


I didn’t buy any candy for Halloween. However someone gave me a bag of candy and other stuff from one of the groups supporting our group home. So I kept and quickly ate the least dangerous looking stuff and gave the rest to a staff member.

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Extra candy we give it to kids in the family like my cousins kids.


I’m gonna shove it right in my anterior cupboard. That is until dad wants to dig it out.


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I was snacking on Rieces until four am last night lol.

Maybe give some of your extra candy to delivery drivers. :slight_smile:

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I would definitely donate it to a foodbank if you don’t want it. Or at least some of it.

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DONATE IT TO EMIKITTLE. Please. Please. Please.

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I separated it all and put it all in baggies to put in the freezer. It’s like 2 pounds of little candy bars, it’s a lot. If I have it every now and then for a treat it won’t be so bad. I just can’t eat 10 of them a day, that’s ridiculous.

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