Sick of all that easter candy i ate

oh boy what a sugar rush…

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I often load up on the candy and then hate myself afterwards. I lost some weight not too long ago, and I think it is staying off, even though I eat too much at times. I’ve been getting a little exercise. That helps.

are you kidding I’m still running off the sugar high from Halloween lol, ive still got four pounds of jolly ranchers left over because it rained and no one was out trick or treating. I usually give out ten pounds of candy on that day…plus I have a couple dozen Cadbury eggs…because my cousin sends them to me (she works for a Cadbury distributor and gets them for half off because they are the ‘defective’ ones) plus all the candy from Xmas my older half sister sent me (her husband works for Hershey’s!!!)

Plus I get free food from my local Mcdonalds because of my roommate (he is their manager, and the people who own the franchise let employees take home a certain amount of that is near the Exp date or is frost bitten. I have a freezer full of quarter pound patties that are ‘freezer burned’.)

Add to that the food I get from my boss (he owns a farm that produces some of the best pork and beef in the area)

I have sooooo much food…but because of my stupid diet I cant eat most of it…