Good jobs for someone with schizophrenia?

I worked for over a year as an overnight security guard. I was on my own 90% of the time, and there was no real danger involved. Us guards were essentially just narcs, and if anything DID happen, we logged it and called the police (if necessary). I got great exercise walking all around, and took off 70 pounds in about 6 months.

Another job I did (immediately prior to security) was as a bookkeeper. I processed the daily sales of stores and ran the numbers through an Excel spreadsheet. Easy-peasy. If the numbers didn’t match, I ran a report, and compared the two, found the discrepancy, and that was mostly it.


It’s a good job as long as your legs, and feet hold up. I found using the stools helped with the low and high shelves when I did it. My problem was I moved on to what looked like a better job, but I found out to my sorrow that sitting in a chair, and taking the full dose of meds in order to think at my highest level led to rapid weight gain and soon my body was no longer able to do the laborious stuff. I also had trouble with insomnia possibly due to staring at a computer screen all day. That was my last job.


You have to consider your personal strengths and weaknesses and the way your symptoms affect you. I had a part-time general labour job last year and it was working fine for me, until my hours and job security was called into question and I applied around for something else. Got an assembly job which was full-time and went at it until I burned out. Back then my cognitive symptoms were bad enough that all I was willing to try was a general labour sort of position. Now I am feeling much better mentally and I’m pursuing a diploma in paralegal studies. I found out that at the most I can do a general labour job part-time, but I think if I had a job where I was mainly using my brain maybe I could work full-time.

You should also consider factoring in your personality type and learning type for which job you try.

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