Good credit is amazing

tooting my own craptastic horn… but aint we allowed to be proud of our successes?

got offered a 4,500 dollar credit line at 12% annual… about half of what typical credit card rates are…

it was through my bank… the teller informed me after I made a deposit… ain’t a fan of credit… but dats purdy coo in case of emergencies…


I’ve got a 23k limit at 11%.

Boo Ya!!


ah ■■■■ you son! hah

I read this and think “Oh ■■■■ this gets even better?”


(I’ll be talking to you again in 20 years :imp:)

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oh and also glad you are back from you break…

this forum has been depressing as hell sir…

What is more amazing than credit is a safety net bank account.
Money crisis will always happen to everyone, Even the rich.

So always spend less than you have! This goes if you make $10k. Or $100k. If you spend more than you make, you waste money on interest. Who cares if it at 11% or 22%. It’s all money thrown down the drain.
Now on tight budget it may be very hard to save so made savings part or your budget.
Save it and don’t be tempted to touch it.
After a while you will should have a safety cushion.

Now when that crisis comes, you don’t borrow, you use what you have saved up for years instead of spending more on interest.

Credit cards are evil. Don’t get one unless you have learned how to save. Because evil credit cards teach people buy now pay later. But it should be save up for something, then buy it.


Good credit is an “amazing” thing to have. Congratulations!

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thank you @Anxiety_Orange… make your payments on time and it really ins’t that difficult to get good credit.


I have bad credit due to not having mental health insurance when I had psychosis. I tried to get them to reclassify it as emergency room. Didnt work. Now I have 9000 on my credit report I’ll never pay that off. Sucks because I would like to buy a house.

It’s extremely easy to put things on your credit card and it’s extremely easy to run up the balance on a credit card. Remember, the things you put on your credit card are not free, you have to pay them back. I know that sounds obvious but it’s a concept that some people can’t grasp or it’s something they forget.


it aint money… it debt…

No drinking on the card, nor eating… if I lose disability though… 10 months rent aint a bad thing to fall back on.

@77nick77 got a job interview for a position at the closest grocery stores bakery tomorrow. Moving on up.

Good luck with that. Dress nice and don’t pick your nose during the interview. Most employers don’t mind it but you can always get the occasional boss who acts like a jerk and holds it against you.

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