Platinum mastercard

idk why the bank are giving me this card but i just went along with it,

i hope its not a mistake, i keep thinking if i said no i might not get the opportunity again lol

so he asked me all the questions (bit embarassing) and i signed for it :credit_card:

i just hope i dont get into debt with it.

Having a credit card can be a good way to establish and improve your credit rating.

But I have a rule for it: never charge more than you can immediately afford to pay off!

I use my credit card every month. And put aside the money in my bank account to pay it off next month. Paying it off every month improves your credit rating.

So credit cards can be a great thing if used wisely!



The key is to pay it off every month - otherwise it gets very expensive very quickly!

My siblings always use their credit card at the grocery store. :credit_card:

““i just hope i dont get into debt with it.””

I’ll tell you daydreamer, getting in debt is VERY easy to do. It happens before you know it. Careful. Practice self-control. Having a credit card is fun at first. It’s easy to buy things, especially impulse buys. Then it hits you. That is money you have to pay back.

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My sis takes care of most of the money. I’m getting better with the checking account. I didn’t even think about a credit card. I just write checks or pay with cash. I know we have one… I’ll have to look into that.

I finally got a credit card about six months ago. About twelve years ago, I got into trouble with credit card debt. One bank was charging me 34% interest. I couldn’t keep up with it while working as a waitress. I tried to commit suicide, but I woke up eventually, all covered in vomit. I haven’t worked since then. Two of the debt collectors still harass me to this day. I am grateful that I finally got a new credit card, so I can reestablish my credit worthiness, even though it has a limit of only $500. It’s better than nothing.

that must have been awful @CarolineC i’m sorry you had to go through that.

i’ve just recently managed to get my accounts straightened out (had trouble paying bills on time) but now for the last 2/3 years i have kept enough in my account to pay on time,

i actually have 2 accounts one is a savings account and i have built up about £1500 in it for when i get my new place and i am hoping i will have more by that time.

idk what my limit is as i had to rush the interview because sweep was waiting for me, but he was talking about if i needed a mortgage and i’m like (idk if i will even be able to work) let alone buy a house.

I pay my credit card off by direct debit. I only use it online. I am wary of the credit card machines they have in shops. I am scared of doing it wrong and holding other customers up/making a fool of myself.

i don’t have a credit card. if i want something i save up for it or get a loan i know i can pay off. i’m very careful with money as my late husband was a debtor. i never want to b in that situation again, always waiting for the bailiffs to knock. nope, no credit for me. if i haven’t got the money then i don’t get it, simple as that.

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That’s ok if you can get a loan with low interest but some of those loan firms charge a fortune.

My prepaid Vanilla mastercard keeps getting declined. I even registered it. :credit_card:

I get a budgeting loan from the social fund 0 percent interest and pay it back through my benefits.

Credit card companies are usurpers.