Going to start a blog

It’ll start with the memoir, prodromal phase, first break, suicide attempt, hospitalizations, the first 6 months, getting into school, 4.0, change programs, dominos, med change. Drop out quit, another 6 months. Disability. Pharmacy job. 6 more months. Gets own apartment.

Then it’ll transition to being more like a blog.

I’ll cover all the hallucinations I’ve had, and some of the others I’ve heard about. I’ll cover some of the basics of therapies and then tactics I developed to cope with.

I want it to be as uncensored as possible, but I’m afraid on a few issues. I could write it anonymously I guess.

I’ll let you all know when it’s done.


Sounds interesting. Good luck! :grinning:

I think blogging is good for a person. I do it, although I don’t talk about Sz as I don’t find that part of my life to be that interesting. I enjoy sharing good news stories in my community. :smile: