Going to my brother's house in December

My mom dad and I are going to go visit my brother who is in the military and recently moved to a farmhouse on 17 acres in Illinois it will take about five hours to get there from where i live here in Ohio. Haven’t seen my brother or Niece in three years only because they lived so far away, and we’d have to get on a plane to see all of them. Now they live closer to us we can visit more often than not. I am looking forward to seeing them also haven’t seen my sister-in-law even in a longer time frame 6 years. Which I don’t understand why that is she hardly ever texts us or my mom we never hear from her so not sure how I will take seeing her since it’s been so long it may or may not be awkward at first seeing her for the first time in six years, but I will be civil to her and do my best to talk when spoken too. I am not much for talking much I am rather quiet when face to face with family and more so with stranger’s but warm up once I get to know you sometimes, I do warm up other times I never get used to a person. Also looking forward to meeting and greeting their horses and dogs they have. Will leave December the 2nd and come back the 5th short and sweet visit Wish me luck on everything going well I know it will but with my sister-in-law that’s questionable on how that will go but I am sure well do just fine or get along just fine.


Sounds great! I hope you enjoy yourself :slight_smile:


looking forward to the trip and will enjoy spending time with the family and my brother’s family

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ah spending family time together is what I live for…good for you.


Wishing you a nice time with your brother.


thank you so much I will

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