Going to ask my doc about antidepressant type med

I’ve been depressed lately - more than usual, going to ask my doctor about maybe adding something new to help lift this fog. Earlier today I even got a little mixed - depression meets some mania. It could be from the reduction of Tegretol XR.
We shall see. No replies needed - just an update on my current status.

@Wave…you should try the herbal remedy St Johns Wort. Its a good anti depressant, works like a stimulant. It worked for me anyway. It puts a pep in your step. Gets the old engine ticking.

karl I’m a little worried about taking OTC herbs. I feel more comfortable taking meds - even though they are probably more toxic to the body. Stimulating substances can set off mania and mixed episodes in me, so I have to be careful.
Thanks for your advice though, appreciate it.