St. John's wort

Is this ok to take ? I’m weaning off meds and I don’t want depression I was wondering if St. John’s wort might help. Any other herbal remedies?

St. John’s wort can trigger Mania, especially in those people suffering from bipolar disorder/SZA.

I would be very careful with this supplement.

I personally would not take it.

Your best bet would be taking Fish oil capsules for Depression, its a lot safer.

I had cardiac issues with it, severe pressure on my chest, so I stopped it as soon as I started it really. I tried it before I was even diagnosed.

I’ve heard that st john’s wort and other herbal things like that are really bad for schizophrenics. causing unstableness, please don’t take them and return to taking your meds !!

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not herbal but have you could try drinking green tea like longjing or jasmine