Going off my medication

i feel like a zombie, and empty and confused, no motivation, no will to go on. i have depression every day because of this, mounting anxiety ect, i dont feel like myself anymore. i dont see things the way i used to, my brain doesnt work the same anymore, i feel dull. i want to be myself again even if that means ill struggle with my psychosis, but at the same time im scared that if i go off ill relapse and become useless, confused and in danger. i feel ruined, almost, like no matter what i do its the wrong choice, and ill never be happy.

The thing with quitting meds is that you will get worse than before taking them. The brain adapts to them and you get withdrawal psychosis from stopping. I quit my meds for a year, I was paranoid, delusional and was hallucinating. I ended up in the emergency from poison suicide attempt and then transfered to mental hospital.

For me, I would rather be on meds than dying.

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You should try Abilify, its the med that gives you the least feeling of a zombie.

i feel so stupid for wanting to stop, i dont know whats wrong with me, ive never been able to shake the fear and paranoia that my mediciation is killing me somehow, my father always tells me that i need to stop one day because its not good for me and tells me that one day i wont need it anymore

People who don’t have to live with our symptoms don’t realize how much we need the meds or that it’s usually for life.

Don’t stop your meds. You may feel good for a while, but the symptoms will come back. It’s just a matter of time before psychosis sets in.

Remember that every time you experience psychosis it causes damage to your brain. You don’t want that.


You can be if you can fight for the right treatment.

It took me 8 years to get proper help, but then it was a further 5 years before I finally found a med that worked properly.

What I am trying to demonstrate is that this is a journey we have all been presented with, and we all have our own way of dealing with things.

Don’t give up hope

I just gonna say withdrawal.
You could try lowest dose on your medicine/medicines.

It’s important to be in the right state of mind when you do come off the medication. I think reducing it slowly makes far more sense. Surviving on a low dose for a period of time would be sensible. Yet this comes with difficulties, I relapsed on multiple occasions when reducing the dose of my medication.

Please reconsider.
Coming off meds is not the solution.