Going back to partial hospitalisation

Just got off the phone with the partial hospital place, my therapist wants me to go back and I have an assessment tomorrow at 1030am. I’m planning on not being there very long this time, only a few weeks just to get my meds in order.

Last time I went I stayed 5 months.


I’m glad you have this help available to you! Good luck getting your meds evened out. I hope it helps you a lot!


When I was 16 I was in partial patient for a year. I’m glad you won’t have to stay long.

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assessment went well. I start back at Partial tomorrow


That’s good. Partial is a great place I went from age 19-24 off and on. You really grow as a person and learn a lot about other people and have a deeper understanding of people who are struggling. God guided me in the right direction going there, he taught me to confide in other people and support them


first day went ok. I already feel like I forgot all my group members names. I see the doctor tomorrow


How do you like the people in your group? Are you comfortable with them?

I’m not entirely comfortable with them yet, but I feel like it’ll get there. The group was nothing but accepting and inviting today.

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My daughter used to struggle with depression. I sent her to a partial patient program and she liked it so much she wishes she could always be there. They spent a lot of time teaching about different psych disorders and she really liked that. It helped her understand herself and others so much she completely changed after the program.

It’s good that yo

That’s great, Falcon. Hats off to you!

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