God walks up one day

If they walked up and said “hey whats up. we’re god.”

And you said “prove it.”

How would they prove it exactly? What in the hell could they do to prove it? Nothing could prove it at all.

Do a miracle? That isn’t proof of anything. Knowledge? Doesn’t prove it.

God himself could not prove to us that he/they were god.

An alien couldn’t prove he was an alien either, spirits are perfectly capable of appearing physical, how would they prove anything?

If you asked enough questions could satan prove he was satan? What would he show you credentials? Maybe do something shitty? Doesn’t prove you are who you say at all, just that you are shitty.

So what the hell?

Just look in your heart maaan. He’s in there… in the left ventricle. You’ll feel it, and you’ll know. The overflow of dopamine from sensualized submissiveness will let you know He is God, and there is none other. Logic doth not apply.

lol, i was at a service today and the man speaking to the children was explaining (or trying to explain) haha that God is like the wind, you can’t see the wind but you can feel it and you can hear it sometimes as well (not voices) and he had a kite and he was saying that the kite could not fly without the wind which is a bit like us without God he said.

Logic doth state that there is a source world with beings that live in said world and as said world.

But perhaps they are evil? Really looks that way sometimes.

It’s interesting though, from their perspective our universe grew from their materials, they can look in but we can’t look out the way it’s made. From out perspective the uni would have simply appeared, but from theirs it ignited and branched out from their materials and they could see the whole thing growing from the world that already existed.

God walks into a bar…

Walk on water? Change some water into wine? Most people can’t do that. Show you his drivers license? Turn someone into a pillar of salt? I don’t see why you say a miracle wouldn’t prove it.

God walks into a bar, ouch

‘who put that bar there’ he says

Satan probably…

A miracle wouldn’t prove he was god.

Only that he was some guy that could do miracles somehow.

It simply wouldn’t be definitive proof of who he was at all would it?

He could do for you things that no human could possibly do.


Drinking aint bad at all if you do it right.

Can be beneficial.