Go back to the basic, who is talking? the mind or the heart or the flesh?

At least I can switch between two of them, and could hardly identify which organ am using to talk, and to write. It is supposed the mind is more intelligent than my heart. But the heart sees greater picture than my mind. Or, I am not using both organs, just simply say things without thinking and feeling.
What’s your opinion? Is it even necessary to find out the answer?

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I like the idea of pin pointing the want…

is it the heart, head or the body that wants… That might explain what some of the voices are saying and yelling for.

I think it’s a very valid think to try and figure out where that want comes from.

There was a poster here who had voices beating him up about his sexuality… when he embraced it… decided not to get upset about it… his voices on that issue let him go.

Very cool idea for how to get through this.