Gm, Nice Hat, question for you...also comment to Sarad

I want to go volunteer at King’s Harvest today, doing clean up,

but my brakes are bad, I have to nearly slam on them to make my car stop.

What do you think I should do?

Sarad, I like your new Avatar photo, that’s really pretty.


Tnx daze :sparkling_heart:
I wouldn’t know much about brakes though I’m not even a driver.

ha, cute.

Yeah, my brother owes me, so I’m going to hit him up for some money
to get them repaired.

Wish my daughter were home, to take her car.

That’s a long drive with no brakes! Get the car fixed first!


yeah, stupid question, I guess.

My brake light has been on over a week.

I live on about $150 a week from my kids dad,
and Alec and I like to do many things.

I guess my priorities are screwed up.

thanks for answering.

I volunteer at Habitat for Humanity I really enjoy it nice people


today is just a one day cleaning project…darn. I’m going to miss out.

Hope you continue to like it there,
and let me know about junk I can turn into art there.

A lot of customers do that , many nice projects walk home . I cashier today, work in the main office on Wednesday

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Did they get thr roof fixed at King Harvest?
Looks like a real mess!

I don’t know. Yeah, I would imagine it is a big mess.

Gosh, always something there. But the public always comes through.